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German Tourist Picks Up Bags of Trash in M’sia While Locals Just Stood & Watched



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Source: Facebook
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Listen to this post:

A tourist from Germany recently visited Sandakan, Sabah for a good time since Malaysia is well-known for our beautiful mother nature. Sadly, she was greeted by a dirty harbour with rubbish floating by the sea wall.

She couldn’t stand the sight of the pollution and decided to clean up the rubbish all by herself. This whole scene was witnessed by a Malaysian chef who decided to share photos of the incident on Facebook to raise awareness among local netizens.

Source: Facebook

Here’s what he wrote.

“This is Anna, a 24-year-old from Germany. She came to the back of my kitchen asking where to put those garbage, and then she asked for plastic bags to collect the trash. 

“Can you imagine that? She’s from another country and came all the way here just to collect your trash? Who should we blame?” 

Based on the pictures attached with the post, Anna can be seen standing precariously on the sea wall while picking up the rubbish, which ended up filling at least nine plastic bags. So much trash! 

Source: Facebook

As if that wasn’t bad enough, there were even three locals standing close by and did nothing but watch Anna clean their own country under the hot sun. *sigh*

Source: Facebook

Apparently, the rubbish there was left by people who brought food over to break fast, according to the author of the post. This Facebook post began circulating on social media and even garnered the attention of local newspapers!

Some netizens criticised the locals for having third-class mentality while others blamed the local town council for not doing their job properly. Shame on us! 

“There are so many uncivilised people in our country. If education doesn’t work, then punitive action should be taken on these litter bugs,” a netizen said. 

TBH, such dirty scenes can be seen throughout Malaysia, and we really have to start taking this issue more seriously. Anyway, a huge thanks to Anna for appreciating our environment more than the locals. Respect! 


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