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This Generous Company Gave Out RM19k to EACH Employee For Their Bonus!



Source: Astro Awani & South China Morning Post
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Is it just me or have companies in China taken bonus rewards to a whole new level?

Earlier this year, WeChat rewarded an iPhone X each to their 2,000 employees. Think this company deserves the best employer award? Read on and think again.

A steel company in eastern China has reportedly given out bonuses accumulating to 160 million yuan (approx RM99.19 million) to its employees. Not in the form of a cheque or a bank transfer, but in cold hard cash. Yes, you read it right.

Fangda Special Steel Technology, which is based in Nanchang, Jiangxi province, was reportedly handing out large amounts of bonuses to its 5,000 employees on February 1, according to South China Morning Post.

The best part is – each employee is entitled to 32,000 yuan, which is about RM19,840. That’s right, it is RM19k per head.

Employees who have retired or aged over 60 were also offered 3,000 yuan (RM1,859) as a gesture of appreciation.

The cash was piled up in stacks, with employees getting in line and filling up their sacks with cash. Look for yourself to believe it!

However, the company’s management team was excluded from this bonus.

The steelmaker company is not the only company that went viral on the internet for their generosity in repaying their employees, though.

Last week, another steel firm which is reportedly part of the same parent company, Fangda Group, also garnered the attention of Chinese netizens with pictures of piles of cash given out as bonuses to their staff being widely circulated.

Source: Qichamao

This is not the first time the firm has given out a huge sum, either. Since 2011, the firm has issued bonus payouts totaling 600 million yuan (approx RM373 million). The steelmaker’s output and profits hit a record high last year, leading to the multiplied profits given out to employees.

Tempted to send this to your boss as a hint for that CNY bonus, now? 😉 


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