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Former Malaysian Policeman Believed To Be High On Meth And Jumped To His Death



Former Malaysian Policeman Allegedly High On Meth And Jumped To Death - World Of Buzz
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Methamphetamine is an illegal drug. It is often abused for the effects of giving one feelings of immense euphoria. But a major problem with this drug, aside from how addictive it is, is how it makes one delusional.

A former policeman was found dead in a pool of blood at the foot of a hotel in Lorong Kapar, Off Jalan Syed Putra, The Star reported.

It is believed that the 32-year-old guy was high on methamphetamine before allegedly jumping to his death from the hotel room.

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The authorities said that a hotel employee had discovered the dead body in the early morning. The ex-policeman, who is also a father of one child, was sprawled in his own blood.

The police told the press,

“We were alerted to the incident at 5.15am. Checks by the police found that he had been staying there since Feb 19.  

“The room was registered under the name of the man’s girlfriend. There was also a packet believed to contain methamphetamine in the room,”

Upon closer inspection of the deceased’s background, it was found that he was fired from his job as a policeman on June 24, 2016 due to a drug-related offense.

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The ex-policeman’s final posting before being dismissed was a support constable (polis sokongan) at the logistics department.

“He had been with the Bukit Sentosa police training centre transport section as a driver since 2012 until he was sacked.”

His body was send to Universiti Malaya Medical Centre for post-mortem and the case is considered as sudden death.

Netizens questioned the availability of drugs, especially meth, in Malaysia.


Maybe Heisenberg is in town?

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