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Flight Passenger Demands for Window Seat, Here’s What the Air Stewardess Savagely Did



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Sometimes, passive-aggressive responses are the best way to deal with certain situations. 

Recently, a flight attendant had savagely responded to an airplane passenger who had asked for a window seat when she went around asking the passengers if they wanted anything to drink.

His exact words as shared by a fellow Twitter user were: “Give me a window.”

Therefore, fulfilling his request, the air stewardess drew a window on a piece of white A4 paper and stuck it to the cabin wall beside him. Not only thatthe window drawing was even complete with the view of an ocean and a couple of clouds in the sky. LOL!

The Star reported that the man had apparently picked out a window seat for his flight but the seat he eventually got was one that was facing the blank cabin wall instead.

Check out the flight attendant’s drawing of the window view he got:

The Twitter user then realised that the flight attendant had done exactly what the passenger had asked her to do, which was to give him a “window”. That said, it’s unsure how the passenger had reacted to the “makeshift window” because the user didn’t mention anything about his reactions.

However, a commenter pointed out that judging from the way the passenger dozed off, it’s quite possible that he is satisfied with the window he got. Do you think he was satisfied with the window drawing he got? 😛

At the time of writing, this light-hearted post has garnered over 7,000 retweets and 15,000 likes.

This is certainly a funny response to a demanding customer; we hope that the passenger will take the drawing light-heartedly too. Do you know anyone who has responded to annoying demands savagely like the air stewardess? Let us know in the comments below.


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