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Famous Thai Hypermarket, Big C May Be Opening Up A Store in Malaysia!



Source: Kwong Wah / Spring Tomorrow
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Remember those days when you come back from Bangkok with a luggage full of Thai snacks? Well, those days could be gone soon because the famous Big C Supercenter is reportedly looking to open up a branch in Malaysia!

According to Kwong Wah, the chairman of the conglomerate TCC group had stated earlier that its subsidiary company, Fraser and Neave is currently doing all the necessary groundwork and will be in touch with Malaysia’s Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) to discuss the expansion plan.

Source: Kwong Wah

It was also reported that Big C will be bringing in a huge investment into Malaysia including opening up a Big C Supercenter in Kedah although the date has yet to be confirmed. This initiative was motivated by the fact that Malaysia is a popular tourism country with over 25.9 million tourists annually and also because Malaysians are largely familiar with this hypermarket in Hatyai and Bangkok.

Currently, Big C is operating in three countries which are Thailand, Vietnam and Laos. If this plan comes to fruition, Malaysians can save themselves the hassle of carrying bags of their favourite Thai snacks across the border. Fingers crossed guys! 

What are the snacks that you’d love to see in the first Big C in Malaysia? Share with us in the comments! 


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