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Faithful Dog Waits for Owner in Sun and Rain, Unaware That They’ve Abandoned Him



Faithful Dog Waits for His Owner, Not Knowing They Had Abandoned Him - World Of Buzz
Source: Facebook
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Honestly, dogs are too good for this world.

Recently, a Thai netizen, Panna Lomjan shared a heartbreaking story of a dog faithfully waiting outside his owner’s house, not knowing that his owner was never planning on coming back.

According to Coconuts Bangkok, she wrote:

“This dog is named Heng. His owner sold their house but did not take the dog with them.”

“Heng would not leave the spot. He would just sit and guard the house through sun and rain.”

“It has been going on around a month. He would glance at the cars passing by, hoping that one of them was his owner coming back for him.”

Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook

In just three days, her Facebook post went viral with over 17k shares. Many netizens pleaded the owner to go back for him, instead of leaving him there forever. “Please don’t leave him there, he will not move unless you go back for him!” a netizen said.

Thanks to the power of social media, a good Samaritan who is known for having a heart of gold has decided to take him in. The man is none other than Soraya Bunnag, who is also the owner of Tawana Hotel.

Finally, Heng got all the love and affection he deserves!

He even got his own personal mattress!

We’re glad that Heng finally found a new place to call home. Frankly speaking, Heng’s previous owner doesn’t deserve him. 


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