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Ex-M’sian Criminal Tries to Turn Over New Leaf by Joining Police Force, Gets Busted Instead



Ex-Criminal Says He's Crime-Free for 1 Year, Goes for Police Recruitment and Gets Busted - WORLD OF BUZZ 1
For illustration purposes only | Source: The Star
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This could’ve been an inspiring story of a young man turning over a new leaf, but sadly, it looks like a leopard can’t change its spots. 

Just yesterday, a young man with multiple criminal records bravely went for an interview to become a cop. Interestingly, he ‘kena kantoi’ during the urine test as he was tested positive for drugs. This rather amusing incident happened in Sibu, Sarawak, as reported by Sinchew.

Image for illustration only | Source: Astro Awani

According to the district police chief, ACP Stanley Johnathan, the 23-year-old candidate went to the police headquarters to attend the recruitment. Everything was going well for the candidate and he had passed the physical test and verbal interview.

However, when his urine test raised a red flag, the police immediately dug up his past and discovered that the man was involved in ten cases of burglary and motorbike theft, and that was in 2016 alone!

He told the police officer that it’s true he was arrested ten times in 2016, but throughout 2017, he was ‘clean’ (evidently not) and hadn’t broken any laws (nope, he was on drugs). So, he hoped the authorities could ‘kasi chan’ for him to start over.

Needless to say, this news has garnered some attention among local netizens as some were speculating his real reason for joining the police force.

“Why would a thief join the police force? So that he can legally rob someone?” a netizen said.

“Can you imagine the harm that he can cause with a badge and a gun?” another netizen commented.

The man was apprehended on the spot for investigation after he had failed the drug test.

We certainly don’t see these kinds of incidents everyday. Let’s hope the man doesn’t try out for the army, as he’s clearly not a suitable candidate!


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