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Elderly Woman Cheated Off RM115,000, Claimed She Had No Power Over Herself



Elderly Woman 'Charmed' Off Her Live Savings - World Of Buzz 2
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A 70 years-old woman fell prey to a group of scammers after they allegedly held that she was being followed by spirits.

Elderly Woman 'Charmed' Off Her Live Savings - World Of BuzzSource

According to The Star, Kan Wai Leng, the victim, was at the Ipoh Central market when she became the target of a thoroughly laid out scam. The victim was initially approached by a stranger and asked if she knew of a certain Dr Wong. A few minutes later, she was approached by another lady claiming she knows Dr Wong and that he had saved her mother-in-law.

According to Kan :

“When I met the second lady, who was in her 40s, she touched my palm and my face turned cold. They told me they wanted to meet Dr Wong and dragged me along when I didn’t want to but I felt powerless”

A third woman appeared, claiming she is a granddaughter of Dr Wong. She told Kan that she was in fact being followed by a ghost. Kan, presumably shaken and not on her right mind, followed the trio of scammers to a bank in Jalan Yang Kalsom where she withdrew her lifesaving’s of RM115,628.15.

She was driven to another bank where she withdrew another RM1,000. She then paid the hefty amount of money to the scammers in return for their services.

With the money paid up, she was brought over to a mall where the “purification” process would be done. While the chant was going on, Kan was instructed to look out the window for unknown reason.

Once the prayer is done, the scammers passed Kan a black plastic bag containing unknown product and instructed her to open it on May 20. When she finally came back to her senses, she found that the bag contained two bottle of mineral water and a bag of salt.

Sensing something amiss, she immediately went and lodged a report. Of course, the scammers had already fled away with her money. The case is currently under investigation.

It’s seriously unfortunate how many times the exact same scam has happened and yet people fall for it over and over again. If you have elderlies, make sure to let them know never to fall for such tactics.

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