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This Elderly Singaporean Couple Proves It’s Never Too Late to Find Love



This Elderly Singaporean Couple Proves It is Never Too Late to Find New Love - World Of Buzz 5
Source: The Straits Times
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Who says falling in love is something only young people can experience?

On May 7, 2017, an elderly couple tied the knot in Singapore and proved that love is for everyone.

Ismail Sapuan, 62, proposed to Mariah Abdul Hamid, 70, after spending time together since March this year. They accompanied each other to the hospital a few times and had sweet little dates at food courts, Straits Times wrote.

This Elderly Singaporean Couple Proves It is Never Too Late to Find New Love - World Of Buzz 3

Awww…..how sweet!

The couple got married at Masjid Al-Ansar and then had their reception at the centre of Block 31 at Bedok North on the same day.

Family members, friends, and staffs and volunteers from the Sunlove-Kampong Chai Chee Seniors Activity Centre in Chai Chee Avenue were present at the joyous ceremony.

The staffs and volunteers of the seniors centre also helped to put the beautiful yet simple wedding together.

Noraidah Haji Akib, the centre’s manager explained that everyone had come together to help make this ceremony come true.

“We encouraged the couple to get married to take care of each other. Once people heard about the wedding, they stepped forward to help with the make-up, wedding cake and decoration.

“There’s a clear sense of kampung spirit here.”

Although they just met about 2 months ago, the adorable couple wanted to spend the rest of their lives supporting each other.

Ismail told the press,

“Both of us have diabetes and high blood pressure. We can take care of each other when we are sick.”

The newlywed bride added,

“When he asked me to get married I was shocked. I never expected to get married at this age. I’m very excited and happy.

“He’s friendly, he laughs… I’ve never met a man like that.”

Mariah had been a widow for the past 29 years after her late husband passed away from cancer. This is her 3rd marriage and she has three adult children.

One the other hand, Ismail has had 5 marriages. Mariah is his 6th wife.

Rosmawati Jamalik, Mariah’s daughter, was excited that her mother has found a new lover.

“They are quite cute together. They can now rely on each other. She’s happier now that she has a husband after being alone for so long after my father died of cancer.”

The husband and wife plan on going to Langkawi and Malacca for their holiday.

Watch the couple gush about each other here:

Source: Straits Times’ Facebook

Perhaps we won’t always meet our soulmates in our 20’s. Sometimes, true love comes a little later for some people. Welp, I guess I’ll have to wait until my 60’s…

Either way, there is no such thing as being ‘too old’ to do anything! Always go for what you want and don’t let ridiculous stereotypes stop you!

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