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Durex Recalls 3 Batches of Condoms From Malaysian Market For Not Passing ISO Standards



Source: Goody 25 & Ideal
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Oh no! Durex just recalled three batches of its non-latex Real Feel condoms in Malaysia for not passing its durability test. 

The Malay Mail reported that the company explained in a statement that the product was recalled from the domestic market on 1 August 2018 (Wednesday). Nevertheless, they shared that only condoms with these numbers are affected by this recall and there are “no immediate safety concerns”.

Source: Durex

The serial numbers of the three batches of condoms that Durex pulled out from the market are as follows:

  • 1000433144
  • 1000438055
  • 1000422259

These batch’s serial numbers can be found at the bottom of the product’s pack and on the condom’s individual foil wrapping.

Source: Durex

Their statement reads,

“The safety of our consumers always comes first, and this is reflected in our rigorous quality standards.”

“We recently found that a limited number of non-latex Real Feel condoms made earlier this year are not passing our stringent shelf-life durability tests.”

“There is no immediate safety concern for consumers and only three batches are affected. Working closely with the relevant regulatory authorities, we have decided to recall the three affected batches.”

Source: Morrisons

Durex then shared that the recalled condoms didn’t fulfil the ISO standards on ageing. Their statement continued,

“Our internal testing has shown that a limited number of non-latex Real Feel condoms may not meet the international ISO standards throughout their shelf-life.”

Source: Ideal

However, the company reaffirmed that their condoms are still safe to use only if it was used as directed. So, it’s safer to read the instructions before using. 

Following the recall, Durex also promised refunds for the condoms from the batch numbers listed above only if the customers return the condoms they have purchased. A refund is only granted if the purchased condoms are returned. 

If you would like to know more information on the recall of these three batches of condoms, you can go to Durex’s website here. In the meantime, don’t forget to double-check the product’s serial numbers before purchasing it. Be vigilant, guys! 


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