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Drunk Man Shockingly Vomits Tumour Out After Drinking, Swallows It Back Because He Was Scared



Drunk Man Shockingly Vomits Tumour After Drinking, Swallows It Back Because He's Scared - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Oriental Daily
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Vomiting after a heavy beer-drinking session is somewhat normal. What’s not normal is throwing up a tumour from one’s mouth and that’s exactly what happened to this man.

According to Oriental Daily, the 63-year-old man from Hubei, China had been feeling discomfort in his throat for some time, especially when he swallowed solid food. However, he thought it was normal and didn’t seek medical attention.

Just recently, he went overboard at a drinking session and had to vomit at the end of it. While throwing up, he felt a sudden sharp pain in his throat followed by the sudden presence of a meatball-like structure in his mouth. Thinking that he had vomited a part of his body out, the man quickly chugged some water down and swallowed the ‘meatball’.

After undergoing a check-up at Wuhan Hospital, the doctor discovered that the meatball-like structure was actually a tumour growing at the top part of the man’s oesophagus. Further examination showed that the tumour had grown all the way to the throat and risked blocking the airway. To prevent any life-threatening conditions from developing, surgery was done to remove the 15cm-long tumour which was later identified as a fibroma. 

According to WebMD, fibromas are made of fibrous or connective tissue that can grow in any organ. Even though they are usually classified as benign tumours, fibromas often need to be removed surgically as they can trigger other symptoms for the patients.

The man was discharged after the surgery and is now on his way to recovery. We sincerely hope he seeks medical treatment instead of swallowing his body parts in the future.

What’s the most ridiculous thing you’ve ever done when you’re drunk? Let us know in the comments! 


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