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Doctor & Covid-19 Patient Haven’t Seen The Sun In 1 Month, Enjoy Sunset & Each Other’s Company



Source: Thestar & ChinaDaily
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Covid-19 has become a pandemic that it causing some patients’ lives to be more like a zombie movie than real life.

Considering in zombie movies, you hide indoors and live in what seems like constant darkness.

But fortunately, it’s always darkest before the dawn as some patients get to leave the suffocating terms of quarantine and enjoy some fresh air. For example, an elderly Covid-19 patient got the opportunity to watch the sunset after spending over a month indoors, as according to China Daily.

Source: ChinaDaily

The 87-year-old patient did not go out on his own as he was accompanied by his 27-year-old doctor, who believed that in times of such uncertainty, the elderly man just needed to get some sun.

Hence, the doctor wheeled the man out of the building on his hospital bed and considering they had not seen the sun in a month, they basked in the warmth while enjoying each other’s company.

So, hey, maybe considering the fact that the world’s chaotic situation, we should learn from these two and stop to smell the roses more often, before it’s too late.

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