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“If I Die, Can You Name Your Future Baby After Me? I’m Afraid You Will Forget Me”



"If I Die In There, Can You Name Your Future Baby After Me? I'm Afraid You Will Forget Me." - World Of Buzz 1
Source: Muerge
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This is just so heartbreaking!

Just two weeks ago, a 6-year-old girl had undergone an operation to remove a tumour in her brain. Sadly, she slipped into a coma and her last words broke her parents’ as well as netizens’ hearts.

Source: Laonanren

Source: Muerge

According to Kwong Wah, the little girl who was known as Xiao Yue Yue, first experienced dizziness and vomiting at home in May. Her parents thought she was having a normal cold, but turns out, her symptoms were caused by a tumour in her brain.

Desperate to save her life, her parents brought her to Nanjing and subsequently to Shanghai to seek treatment. The journey and medical treatment had emptied their bank accounts.

It was reported that a day in the Intensive Care Unit costed the family between 7,000 and 8,000 Yuan (approx. RM4,400 and RM5,100). Since Yue Yue was in the ICU for over 20 days, the medical bill had totaled up to 200,000 Yuan (RM127,000).

Her uncle then started crowdfunding for Yue Yue’s medical fees, which received nationwide attention. In just a few days, 160,000 Yuan (RM101,590) was donated by the public and it didn’t stop there.

On June 21, she underwent an operation but before she entered the operating theatre, Yue Yue told her parents,

“If I die in there, can you name your future baby after me? I’m afraid you will forget me.”

Her parents also promised Yue Yue that they will return all the money, one way or another, to the donors after she recovers.

Source: Muerge

Unfortunately, Yue Yue never woke up after the surgery, and her last words to her parents became her will.

Two weeks later, the hospital decided to pull the plug. Yue Yue was sent back to her hometown where she passed away two days after.

Holding on to the promise made to Yue Yue, her father started refunding all the money to the donors the next day. He even has a book to jot down the all the donors’ details and the amount donated.

Source: Muerge

Although many of the donors refused to accept the money, Yue Yue’s father insisted as he made his daughter a promise. As of July 21, most of the donations have been refunded.

Her father was touched when some netizens refused to believe that Yue Yue has left forever. They even asked, “Is it because we donated too less?” Many netizens broke down in tears upon receiving the bad news.

Yue Yue’s departure is truly saddening. Our thoughts and prayers go to her family. We hope they can find strength during this trying time. 


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"If I Die In There, Can You Name Your Future Baby After Me? I'm Afraid You Will Forget Me." - World Of Buzz

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