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Deepak: “I Gave Rosmah A RM2 Million Bentley”



"I Gave Rosmah A Bentley" - Deepak Jaikishan - WORLD OF BUZZ 4
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In the midst of a RM656 million suit against former Prime Minister Najib Razak and Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor, businessman Deepak Jaikishan revealed that he had given the couple close to RM300 million in cash, jewellery, luxury cars and properties, in both Malaysia and the United Kingdom.

"I Gave Rosmah A Bentley" - Deepak Jaikishan - WORLD OF BUZZ

Source: FMT

Among the gifts were a house in Malaysia and a Bentley Flying Spur, a car with a RM2 million price tag that was bought for Rosmah.

"I Gave Rosmah A Bentley" - Deepak Jaikishan - WORLD OF BUZZ 3

Source: CAR Magazine

By showering them with gifts, Deepak said he would be given a lot of contracts.

Deepak said, “I have been given various concessions and he demanded certain gratifications.”

The RM656 million suit was filed against Najib, Rosmah and two others for allegedly interfering in a property deal which caused Deepak’s company huge losses.

He added that the two were relatives to the couple and their names were used to register the car and the property.

Why Najib And Rosmah Are Still Known As Datuk Seri and Datin Seri? - WORLD OF BUZZ 3

Source: NST

According to FMT, Deepak has documentary proof to back his allegations, but was “defrauded” twice, with his complaints to the authorities falling on deaf ears.

“They too couldn’t do anything. If you know Datin Rosmah, she can get very brutal, even the senior government officers can be sacked,” he said.

One of the contracts linked to the suit filed on October 12 was worth RM4.5bil, of which involved accommodation for government-sponsored students abroad.

Another contract involving Najib, Rosmah Boustead Holdings and Bakti Development Wira Sdn Bhd, was over a property deal which caused losses to Deepak’s Astacanggih Sdn. Bhd.

FMT quoted Deepak stating that he was not the only victim, with several others prepared to go to court.

Najib has dismissed the accusations, stating that the claim in his suits were “complete fabrication”.

“His accusations are illogical and he is only seeking to cast aspersions against my wife and me with his claims. We won’t stand for it,” he told FMT.

Najib responded by refuting Deepak’s claims as “baseless, frivolous, vexatious and unjustifiable”.

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