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“You Do What You Deem Fit, If She Can’t Make it, Just Throw Her Away.”



"You Do What You See Fit, If She Can't Make it, Just Throw Her Away." - World Of Buzz 1
Source: China Press
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These Chinese parents shouldn’t even give birth to this poor baby in the first place.

In January 2017, a cute little baby named Xiao Mong Han was born in Anhui province, China. However, she just wouldn’t stop crying and her parents brought her to a local hospital, according to China Press.

Source: Sinchew

Unfortunately, Han was diagnosed with biliary atresia, a rare disease involving liver and bile ducts that occurs in infants. This disease is a progressive, chronic liver disease, and is definitely fatal if left untreated.

The doctor strongly suggested a surgery to be done immediately. After learning that the surgery would cost a lot, Han’s parents shockingly chose to give up on Han. WTF 🙁

The mother said:

“Instead of spending so much money to cure the baby, why not I just have another baby.”

Source: Sinchew

Desperate to get rid of their three-month-old baby girl, the mother sent Han to the baby’s grandparents. She told them that the baby has a chronic disease and they’ve no money to treat her.

The last words the mother said to the grandparents before abandoning Han was:

“You do what you deem fit, if she can’t make it, just throw her away.”

Han would smile at her grandparents whenever they were holding her. Seeing that, the old folks were heartbroken as they couldn’t stomach the thought of deserting her, but at the same time, they’re not rich enough to pay for her medical fees. After thinking things through, Han’s grandparents decided to do whatever it takes to cure Han, even if that meant using up their life savings.

After just two surgeries, all their savings were used up. Hence, they resorted to borrowing money from other parties. Sadly, Han’s illness took a turn for the worse.

The doctor said:

“Han needs to get through this (surgery) and complete all the follow-up treatments, that’s the only chance she has.”

Facing the huge amount of medical fees and seeing how Han was tortured by the illness, the grandparents’ hearts were shattered.

Source: Sinchew

They tried contacting Han’s parents but to no avail. To take care of Han, the grandma stayed at the hospital while the grandpa went back to work hoping to earn as much money as possible.

Source: Sinchew

They said, “We’ve exhausted all our avenues, we can only pray to god now”.

Han is very unlucky to have such irresponsible parents. Let’s pray that Han can get through this and grow up healthy.


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"You Do What You See Fit, If She Can't Make it, Just Throw Her Away." - World Of Buzz

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