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Debate About Finding A Soulmate by 3rd Year of University is Proof How Backwards Malaysians Are



Debate About Finding A Soulmate by 3rd Year of University is Proof How Backwards Malaysians Are - WORLD OF BUZZ
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Marriage. Just the idea of it can make most of the singles out there let out a huge sigh. This is especially true during festive seasons where your busybody considerate uncles or aunties pop out the question on a regular, almost daily basis.

“When are you getting married, huh? You’re already this big but still single. Back in my day…”  And the story goes on, and on, and on.

Apparently, the topic of having a partner started a debate between netizens on Twitter after someone wondered how long he’s going to stay single.

Source: Twitter

This started a thread where people are talking about getting married, while many lamented how they are being rushed to get married even during university period.

While it’s A-okay to find a soulmate by university and/or get married by then, it shouldn’t be a MISSION to do so.

Unfortunately, the pressure is real on us Millennials.

One shared,

“My cousin had once advised me. If you’re still single until your third year (in university), the possibility of remaining single until 28-years-old is really high. Damn.”

Source: Twitter

This wrote,

Source: Twitter

Urm, apparently to this cikgu, your jodoh can only be found in university.

Another Twitter user used the tweet to express his sentiment that being single doesn’t really mean anything. The fact that you’re single does not limit your potential and it’s not the end of the world. He even believed that those with thoughts of finding their soulmate in a certain span of time means that they’re surrounded by toxic people.

Source: Twitter

Many even took his side, saying that relationship status really doesn’t matter!

Source: Twitter

“You won’t even die if you’re single. Why are you worrying so much about having a soulmate? God has already set and managed everything. Our life timeline is not the same. Why do we still need to set a certain age on finding a soulmate, etc? Aiyyo, life is not only about soulmates for marriage.”

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

“It’s only third year (of university) lol. It’s not like you’re going to die immediately after uni.”

Really guys, proceed with your life at your own pace. Life is not all about finding soulmates as there are lots of other precious and important things too. Don’t find a partner just for the sake of getting one!


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