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DBKL Investigates Restaurant in KL After Viral Video Shows Kitchen Infested with Rats



Source: Youtube
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Just last week, Raj’s Banana Leaf Restaurant in Bangsar received a lot of flak because their workers were caught washing some plates in a puddle of water on the street.

Source: World of Buzz 

Similarly, last Friday (1 June 2018), The Star reported that Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) will initiate an investigation on a restaurant allegedly located in Brickfields after a gross video of rats swarming in the kitchen emerged. Eww! 

Source: Youtube

According to reports, the video was taken by a customer who gave it to StarMetro claiming that the restaurant is in Brickfields. Meanwhile, some say the restaurant is located in Taman Tun Dr Ismail. Either way, always be careful with any restaurant you go to! 

The video showed several rats coming out of their hiding spot to gather around the bean sprouts’ basket. One rat was even seen nibbling on something that looked like bean sprout.

You can watch the 41-second video of the rats having fun in the kitchen here:

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Source: Youtube

On the other hand, a rep from City Hall’s health department said that DBKL has informed that they will take action against the restaurant after they have verified the information they received. Good call! 

Source: Youtube

“We will check the video and the two suspected restaurants.”

“However, the DBKL Health and Environment Department has yet to receive any complaints on the restaurant,” he said.

Hopefully, the DBKL Health and Environment Department will quickly investigate the suspected restaurants and identify the place, so people will not risk their health by visiting them!

In the meantime, do remember to take extra precaution whenever you go out to eat at a restaurant. With most eateries having their own FB page nowadays, it won’t hurt checking out their ratings and feedback from customers before paying a visit.

Remember to stay vigilant, guys! 


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