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DBKL Dog Catchers Carry Innocent Puppies By Their Hind Legs, Dangling Them Helplessly



Source: Facebook
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MPSJ recently caused quite an upset in the community after they were caught on tape behaving like gangsters as they were violent to a stray dog and were out of line and unprofessional towards those who tried defending the dog.

In fact, just days before, MPKJ dog catchers were called out for violently dragging puppies that they had caught against the road while stepping on them, which begs the question, who are our municipal councils hiring as animal control personnel? And do these councils even care that these dogs are being treated as such?

These questions are important because another incident has come to light, where DBKL dog catchers can be seen cruelly hoisting a puppy in the air by its hind legs, as it dangles helplessly in his hand. The Black & White Facebook page took to their timeline to showcase the photos.

Lagi ada kes tangkap ANJING. DBKL woi di kl ada rosak jalan ,tak nak tengo ,tapi Nak focus Anjing shj ke?Babi DBKL

Posted by BLACK &WHITE on Sunday, October 6, 2019

Black & White wrote, “Another case of dog catchers. Hey DBKL! In KL there are damaged roads, to which you turn a blind eye, but you want to only focus on dogs alone? DBKL swines.”

Source: Facebook

It’s almost impossible to not be angry looking at the pictures as the little puppy clearly is no harm to the animal control staff but yet is treated in such an abusive manner.

Netizens Call Out DBKL Dog Catchers For Focusing - WORLD OF BUZZ

Source: Facebook

No additional information was given out, like if there was a report made against the puppies, but given that they’re, well, puppies, they certainly couldn’t have attacked someone. The site the catchers were photographed in looks like a construction worker compound, with heavy machinery and makeshift quarters (are those even regulated?), so it’s entirely possible that the landowner was the one who requested the removal of the puppies.

Regardless, while we are unsure if these dog catchers have a standard operating procedure, local councils may want to review whatever guidelines there may be when it comes to catching strays because the trend of abusive council workers is worrying indeed.

Black & White’s posting has since garnered over 430 shares.

How can we trust in our councils when the people representing them behave like inhumane gangsters. 


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