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“Covid-19 Pandemic Will Linger For Two More Years”: Shanghai Covid-19 Team Leader



Expert: Covid-19 Outbreak Is Predicted To Stay For One Or Two More Years Before It's Over - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: South China Morning Post & The Straits Times
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We’re officially one week into the Movement Control Order and while the curve seems to be flattening a little, the number of cases just seems to be increasing. No one is exactly sure as to when this pandemic will come to an end but based on this Chinese research, it may take longer than we’d expected.

Professor Zhang Wenhong, leader of Shanghai’s Covid-19 team and director of the infectious diseases department at Fudan University’s Huashan Hospital, was invited to speak in Düsseldorf, Germany to an audience of mostly Chinese students and expatriates. There he warned the audience to not think the pandemic would come to an end soon but instead it will take another one to two years before the pandemic is over.

Shanghaiist reported that the doctor predicted that while cases will reduce in the summer, they will reappear in the winter. The cycle could then be repeated again, depending on how the world’s governments react.

“Only if the whole world agrees to stop moving for four weeks, the pandemic might be contained. But I cannot imagine that ever possibly happening.”

This statement will maybe panic you but remember we play a huge part in containing this pandemic. For now, our only responsibility is to stay home and not share any fake news regarding the pandemic.


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Source: The Star
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