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Couples Are Exchanging Clothing With Each Other in This New Trend



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Image source: OHBULAN!

There are many creative ways for couples to spice it up, even if it were a little quirky.

The current trend in Asia, or specifically Indonesia is to exchange outfits with your partner.

We recently stumbled across a few images shared by OHBULAN! featuring a few awesome Indon couples who took their relationship to a whole new level!

Check them out.

Although it just caught on in Asia, apparently this trend has been going about several months ago. Couples decided that expressing their love through words were too cheesy, so why not bring some laughs to the table and do something a little more out of the ordinary!

It’s pretty epic to see the transformation, especially that of the guy’s. You must really give it to them for donning a skirt or dress because I know way too many guys who would rather jump into a lake of piranhas than to be wearing them.

All in the name of ‘love’ i guess! Or maybe they just have really scary girlfriends.

The images are even more epic when both partners pose similarly in both pictures, further amplifying the difference. Also when the guy has to put on the girlfriend’s heels!

Is this trend going to catch on in Malaysia? We shall only wait and see!

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