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“Concerts Are The Cause Of Immoral Behaviour In Malaysia”



"Concerts Are The Cause Of Immoral Behaviour In Malaysia" - World Of Buzz 1
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According to The Star Online, a PAS lawmaker and Infromation head from Temerloh named Nasrudin Hassan Tantawi recently condemned the existence of music concerts in Malaysia, saying that it is the main cause of immoral behaviour in the nation.

He went on to say,

“There is also very little emphasis on religious studies in our education curriculum. This has led to immoral behaviour like adultery and pre-marital sex.”

Concerts, according to Nasrudin, promotes “loose behaviour” which leads to an increasing amount of babies born out-of-wedlock, subsequently leading to a rise in abandoned baby cases, stating,

“Based on the National Registration Department’s data, there were 159,725 babies born out of wedlock.”

In addition to that however, he also stated that implementing sex education classes in school and promoting contraceptives to prevent pregnancy would not help resolve this issue. He added,

“I was previously drawn to an advertisement at a Mara outlet in Kuala Lumpur. It showed a man leading a woman into a room but the woman stopped and said ‘No condom, no way’. This will not help prevent adultery or pre-marital sex.”

Nasrudin is well known for being against concerts by international artists in the past, as he protested against a number of concerts in 2007, which led superstars like Beyoncé to cancel their shows in KL that year.

Source: Billboard

What has Malaysia come to???

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