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“If You Commit Suicide, I’ll Burn a Teacher and Exercise Books for You in Hell!”



"If You Commit Suicide, I'll Burn a Teacher and Exercise Books for You" - World Of Buzz
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Kids are getting more and more competitive in education nowadays, thanks to the pressure from parents. And this mother from Hong Kong  has definitely gone overboard when she hurled abusive words towards her son for failing in exam.

According to China Press, a story of mother scolding her son has gone viral recently. And it sounded like this:

“Today, a friend of mine told me that she knew a mother who had ridiculously high expectations towards her son. The little boy is studying in Standard 4 at a primary school.”

“Scoring 99 marks in the exam isn’t good enough for the mother as she demanded her son to get 100 marks.

“As the pressure was too much for her son to bear, the little boy failed his exam. His mother couldn’t take it and started hurling abusive words towards him.

“She said: ‘Don’t even think about committing suicide. If you do, I will ‘burn’ a teacher and a lot of exercise books for you to do in hell!’ “

Clearly that’s no way to motivate a child. 

Netizens were taken aback by the brutal words the mother threw at the boy.

“Getting 100 marks doesn’t mean that you will succeed in life. To this mother, you put too much pressure on your child. Have you ever scored 100 marks in exam? Are you a perfect mother?” a netizen said.

“A lot of kids are actually forced to accomplish what their parents failed to do when they were young. What a selfish mother!” another netizen said.

Personally I don’t know what was the mother thinking. 100 marks? That’s near impossible man! 

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