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Chinese Toddler Waves KNIFE at Truck Driver for ‘Blocking’ His Grandma’s Stall



Chinese Toddler Waves KNIFE at Truck Driver for 'Blocking' His Grandma's Stall - World Of Buzz
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It’s a proven fact that children are easily influenced by what they see. As they witness the things that happen around them, they tend to mimic those actions.

So of course, when young kids get exposed to violence, it’s only natural that they will behave more violently too.

This particular toddler from China was no exception as he was caught in a video holding a kitchen knife, ‘threatening’ a truck driver.

Source: Video Screengrab


Source: Video Screengrab

According to NextShark, the child named Xiao Pang, was waving the dangerous item at a female truck driver. Apparently, the truck which was parked there was blocking his grandmother’s street stall.

The 5-year-old boy even threatened to puncture the woman’s tyre if she didn’t move the vehicle!

Xiao Pang said,

“You can’t park here! If you park here, I will beat you up!”

He even flung his knife around throughout the whole video. The incident took place in Xinjiang Province, China.


It seems nobody stopped Xiao Pang from what he did as they found it amusing than threatening.

Apparently, this wasn’t the first time Xiao Pang went viral on social media because last year he was caught on video for another violent act. 

In the previous video, Xiao Pang was seen holding onto a steel pipe and tried to fight off the urban management officers who wanted to remove the elderly lady’s stall.

In that video, he was screaming,

“Don’t touch my grandma!”



Last year, Xiao Pang was hailed a hero as netizens found his behaviour courageous. Now, however, netizens expressed their worry about the boy’s dangerous behaviour.

One person criticised,

“If I were the child’s parents, I wouldn’t have let him near a knife. How can he behave like a gangster! It is so wrong!”

What do you guys think of this child’s actions? Should someone take action before his behaviour goes too far?

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