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Chinese Men Pay Up to RM32,000 Just For Women to Breastfeed Them



Chinese Men Pay Up to RM32,000 Just For Women to Breastfeed Them - World Of Buzz
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Breastfeeding is a completely natural thing… If you’re feeding babies, of course. When it comes to breastfeeding ADULTS on the other hand, it becomes a whole different thing.

Apparently, there is an underground service in China whereby men can hire women to breastfeed them!

Sigmeund Freud must be turning in his grave right now.

According to Shanghaiist, there are several websites that actually offer these adult wet-nurses in major cities such as Beijing, Nanjing, Wuhan, and more. And there are THOUSANDS of members on these sites.

There even two types of breastfeeding services – ‘pure’ and ‘impure’.

The ‘pure’ service would mean the woman breastfeeds only. Whereas, the ‘impure’ simply means the woman offers sex services as well.

The member must first pay 100 yuan (RM64) for registration, and the ‘impure’ services can cost up to 50,000 yuan (RM32,136) on a monthly basis!

So, obviously these people have to be absolutely rich for these services.

According to South China Morning Post, some websites even charge a weekly fee of 60 yuan (RM38) or yearly fee of 780 yuan (RM501) just to stay as a member.

Members have access to the details of these ‘milk mamas’ where they can make arrangements as necessary. Apparently, the beauty of the woman and the size of her boobies will determine the cost.

The bigger the better lah…

This is such a unique and perplexing issue as these mothers even stop breastfeeding their own babies just to focus on the business.

Netizens were definitely intrigued by this bizarre services as they wondered what breast milk tastes like.

“I’ve heard human breast milk tastes kinda fatty and weird. I wonder if this is true.”

Meanwhile, other netizens could only shake their heads at such a ridiculous business.

“The Chinese will be outstripping the Japanese in strange kinks at this rate.”

“Oh, China…you never cease to amaze me in the ‘weird’ category.”

Indeed, it is a wonder how such strange ideas even popped into the heads of some people. People are just into all sorts of kinks!

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