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Chinese Man Kicks Elevator Door In Rage, Falls Down Shaft



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A 24 year old Chinese male was caught on footage in a karaoke centre in Hangzhou, China. What’s supposed to be a fun-filled singing night suddenly took a turn when the man did something totally unexpected.

The man was identified as Yang, and was caught on the security cam apparently very drunk with another friend. The friend seemed to stop the drunken him from going somewhere but he refused to stay put. Instead, he did a flying kick and destroyed one of the elevator doors.

When he tried to assess the damage he did, or was just trying to lean on it, Yang shockingly fell through the broken door and down the elevator shaft!

elevator fall 2

The friend was so obviously wasted that he was stunned for a few seconds but walked away afterwards, not giving any f****.

Yang fell down four floors.

The staffs from the Karaoke centre quickly contacted authorities and Yang was rescued and sent to a nearby hospital.

Luckily, Yang’s fall wasn’t fatal and his only major injury is suffering from a broken leg. He is now in the hospital seeking treatment.


Watch the surveillance video here:



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