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Chinese Man Hacked By Roommate With A Cleaver For Snoring Too Loud



Chinese Man Brutally Hacked By Roommate With A Cleaver For Snoring Too Loud - World Of Buzz
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On February 10, a Chinese worker shockingly hacked his roommate with a cleaver just because the roommate snored too loud. The incident happened in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province in China.

According to The Sun, the two men, Wang and Hong were assigned by the company to live in the same dormitory room after their loud snores disrupted the sleep of other roommates.

“Both of them are snorers, so the company arranged them to sleep in the same dorm room,” said the police officer who’s handling the case.

Putting two snores together in one room sounds like a time bomb to me.

True enough, their loud snores have caused each other to lose their precious sleep and their patience were running thin, especially Hong.

On the day of the incident, the duo had an argument and Hong held the grudge against Wang. You wait lah, I’ll be back.

Later that night, Hong reached his boiling point after he was triggered by Wang’s loud snoring. As such, he went to the company’s cafeteria and grabbed himself a cleaver before hacking his roommate who was sleeping.

Source: The Sun

Based on the CCTV footage, Hong was seen chasing Wang down the corridor from end to the other end. It looks like a scene out from a  horror movie. 

Source: The Sun

Hong was holding a cleaver and a flash light while Wang was holding a blanket and running for his life. Wang’s head was bleeding profusely due to the sudden attack by his roommate.

Source: The Sun

Wang tried to protect himself with the blanket after being cornered off by Hong at the corridor. But he slipped on the ground and Hong continued to attack him.

Source: The Sun

The attack only stopped after other colleagues who were sleeping on the same floor intervened.

Wang was then sent to a hospital for treatment after sustaining injuries on his head and body. Meanwhile, Hong was detained by the police and is now looking at 10 years of jail time after he was charged with intentional assault, SCMP reported.

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