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Chinese Man Couldn’t Find a Suitable Wife, Gives Up and Marries Robot Instead



Chinese Man Couldn't Find a Suitable Wife, Marries Robot Instead - World Of Buzz 3
Featured Image Source: SCMP
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If you think you’ve given up on finding love, just wait till you hear about this guy!

31 year-old Zheng Jiajia from China recently got married to a “female” robot, after giving up on finding a human wife. 

Zheng is an engineer and artificial intelligence (AI) expert, who designs and invents robots. He created the robot at the end of last year, after being frustrated over not finding a suitable human spouse.

According to the South China Morning Post, his “wife”, named Yingying, was designed to recognise Chinese characters and images. It can also speak a few simple words in Chinese.

Zheng has plans on upgrading his “wife” so she can walk in the future and hopefully help out around the house as well. 

The wedding ceremony took place last Friday (31st March) attended by a small group of friends and Zheng’s mother.

The ceremony followed traditional Chinese wedding rituals, like covering her head with a red scarf. The bride and groom both wore matching black outfits during the wedding ceremony. 

This news comes after a renowned AI expert, Dr. David Levy, has stated that he predicts humans marrying robots will soon become common by the year 2050.

Levy has stated that romantic relationships between humans and robots will start happening “when robots are sufficiently human-like, sufficiently appealing socially, to the point where they can act as our companions.”

What do you think? Know any friends that will soon give up and marry a robot instead? 😛

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