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Chinese Grandma CASUALLY Tears a Handful of Hair Off Camel’s Back



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Source: SCMP
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Chinese tourists are notorious for their behaviour. From taking dumps in a public transport to damaging public facilities, they’ve done it all. And recently, they’re at it again after a Chinese grandma was spotted doing the unspeakable to a camel.

According to SCMP, an elderly Chinese tourist was caught on tape ripping a handful of hair off a camel’s back in Dalian Forest Zoo in China. And she did it in a very casual manner too. 

Source: SCMP

After harvesting the hair, the grandma blatantly stuffed it into one of her handbags she was carrying. Looks like she came prepared!

Only question we were asking ourselves while watching the video is… WHY AH MA WHYYY????!

Source: SCMP

Clearly, she didn’t give a damn about the signboard, which read, ‘Don’t touch the animals’ that was attached on the fence.

Source: SCMP

An eyewitness, who was with her partner at the zoo when the outrageous incident happened right in front of her, said:

“I saw her doing that twice, I don’t know if she did it again after we left.”

“She didn’t reveal why she ripped the hair off the camel’s back.”

Perhaps the saddest thing was that no one tried to stop the grandma, as the witness said, “The visitors were busy focusing on the camels, nobody was paying attention to her.”

According to the management of Dalian Forest Zoo, such incident has never happened before, until this grandma came along. Following this unprecedented incident, the management of the zoo has pledged to enhance their surveillance to prevent such events from happening again.

Source: Trip Advisor

Luckily, the camel was unhurt as it was going through the moulting process, which is when camels shed old hair to make way for new growth. Since the camel is fine, the zoo management has also urged the public to forgive the grandma.

It wasn’t easy for netizens to let it slide though, as many saw it as a form of animal abuse. “She’s clearly taking advantage of her old age to abuse the animal!” a netizen said.

There were also some who were baffled by the motive of her behaviour. “What is she going to do with the hair? Knit something out of it? Or eat it as cotton candy?” another netizen commented.

We certainly hope that the security of the zoo can be strengthened following this outrageous incident!

Catch the grandma in action in the video below:


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