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Car Wash Company Increases Their Prices By 50%, Netizens Outraged



Netizens Slam Car Wash Company For Price Hike - WORLD OF BUZZ 2
Source: Mid Valley & Facebook
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Getting a carwash while you park at shopping malls is something that has been around for years in Malaysia, and Cars International are among a staple for most major shopping malls since 1973.

Despite being a well-established brand, their decision to hike up prices even for their old package members might force their most loyal customers to look elsewhere.

Here is the notice that didn’t sit well with their customers:

“Effective 7th January 2019, many of our service prices will be revised. The revision is necessary to continue our best efforts in providing quality services to all our valued customers”,

Source: Facebook

One netizen bashed the company for not honouring the original agreement made with its loyal customers.

He writes, “I have just realised that you have increased the member price for a car wash and vacuum from RM13 to RM20.”

“Why is this happening? This is really unacceptable and unfair for us as we were offered the old price when we signed up for this package.”

Source: Facebook

Another customer went berserk at the apparent ignorance of the company for the increase and demands that CARs reimburse their membership fees.

“How can you just increase your price (without thinking) about your existing customers?”

“We sign up for your membership due to your pricing and package, but now you increase the prices by such a big quantum.”

“Please refund my membership and cancel my card.” 

Source: Facebook

Some have even sought to take matters to the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs, highlighting Cars International breach of agreement with its members.

CARs has since responded to the complaints via Facebook comments. It seems that they are really struggling to keep their business afloat. But does this justify what they did?

Netizens Slam Car Wash Company For Price Hike - WORLD OF BUZZ 1

Source: CARs

Do you think that these kinds of business practices are acceptable?

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