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You Can Get Strippers And Pole Dancers For Your Funeral In Taiwan



You Can Get Strippers And Pole Dancers For Your Funeral In Taiwan! - World Of Buzz 4

Yes, the title is not misleading, nor is it a click-bait because this is absolutely true. You can get strippers and pole dancers at your funeral in Taiwan.

Apparently, sending off a deceased with strippers has become a uniquely Taiwanese thing. It’s not uncommon to have them either!

These funeral strippers are there to give the deceased their last ‘hurrah’ besides attracting the crowds and also appease wandering spirits.

You Can Get Strippers And Pole Dancers For Your Funeral In Taiwan! - World Of Buzz 2

These performers cost at least RM3,000 to RM4,000 per show.

One entertainer, Chiang Pei-Ying, 31, said she started performing since she was only 6 years old in an interview with Business Insider.

She and her family go around doing singing and dancing performances. And this family business is for both the alive and dead.

The young lady said,

“I’ve watched this since I was little so it’s nothing peculiar for me. Performing for the dead is just like performing for the living people.”

“They liked to sing when they were alive and their relatives thought they would have liked to have somebody sing for them in the end. For me, I get good tips and I hope I am accumulating good karma too.”

Being a veteran in this field, Pei-Ying charges about TWD80,000 (RM11,200) for a 20-minute show.

Chiang Wan-Yun, Pei-Ying’s father explained that this is merely for the interest of the dead.

“Some people like going to hostess clubs, so when they pass away their relatives arrange striptease to reflect their interests while they were alive.”

Although this is a normal thing for Taiwanese people, it still comes as a culture shock for everyone else. I know we are pretty stooped!

In fact, just recently, there were a whopping 50 pole dancers on jeeps parading around the streets of Chiayi for a deceased politician, reports NextShark.

Source: The Sun

There was loud music and liveliness throughout the whole ceremony. Council Speaker Tung Hsiang was 76 years old when he passed on.


Watch the 50 pole dancers parading here:

What do you think? Are strippers and pole dancers something you would want at your funeral?