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Cab Driver Works Everyday While Attached to Nasal Feeding Tube So He Can Pay For Medical Expenses



Thai Man Drives His Cab Daily While Attached to Nasal Feeding Tube To Pay Off His Medical Expenses - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Facebook

Making ends meet can be one of the most difficult things in life to achieve as it’s a never-ending marathon, with bills piling up and unending expenses. While some of us are fortunate enough to have stable jobs and a consistent income, there are still many who struggle to stay ahead of their bills. Especially those who are not able-bodied or healthy enough to work like the rest of us!

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In a recent Facebook post uploaded by Niramon Shicam, we are introduced to the plight of a haggard, sickly man who has to earn a living by driving a taxi. The man can be seen wearing a mask, as well as what appears to be a nasogastric feeding tube in his nose, and his body is so frail, it almost looks like his bones are pressing clear through his skin! How terrible!

According to Niramon, the man had been suffering from a variety of different medical conditions and hasn’t been able to afford the cost of the medical care required. As a result, he decided to start driving a ‘Songthaew’ – aka shared cab – to earn enough money to pay off his medical expenses, despite his condition. After hearing his story, Niramon left the man with 100 Baht in exchange for the ride and advised Facebook users to donate and help lessen the burden of his medical costs.

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Source: Facebook

While bearing good intentions, the viral Facebook post has caught some flak among netizens, with some pointing out how dangerous it is to have a sick man behind the wheel of a pick-up truck ferrying passengers, as he could potentially cause accidents on the road. Another netizen warns other Facebook users to be sceptical of the post, as details about the man and his actual medical history are not listed on the Facebook post.

The Facebook post has since gone viral with over 24k shares.

What do you think about this uncle’s case? Do you think that his condition is legitimate, or fake? 


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