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Bus Suddenly Runs Red Light, Crashes into and Drags Mutliple Motorcycles



Bus Suddenly Runs Red Light, Crashes into and Drags Mutliple Motorcycles - World Of Buzz
Source: STOMP
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At about 11am on July 20, 2017, a terrible accident involving multiple motorcycles and a bus has left the whole of Singapore shocked, Stomp reported.

Videos of the SBS Transit bus ramming into the bikes and quickly driving off went viral on social media. The vehicles were all initially stopped at a traffic light.

The first video shows the moment the accident occurred.

Source: Facebook

A number of motorcycles were waiting for the light to turn green when the bus was just behind them. Out of nowhere, the bus suddenly moved, ran the poor motorcyclists over and then sped a bit further before eventually stopping a distance away.

Shocked by such a terrible sight in front of them, none of the vehicles moved even though the light had turned green. Surrounding motorists got out of their cars to help the men who were involved.

Horrifyingly, it seemed as though three people were dragged under the bus for a bit!

Source: Stomp


Source: Stomp

The three men who were injured were quickly rushed to the National University Hospital (NUH), according to the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF).

In another video showing the aftermath of the accident, the bus driver can be seen sitting in the driver’s seat while passersby aided the poor victims.

Police are currently investigating the case. Meanwhile, SBS Transit’s senior vice-president for corporate communications, Tammy Tan, told the media,

“Our priority is the well-being of the two injured motorcyclists and the pillion rider.”

“We were at the hospital that day following the incident and all three of them received outpatient treatment. We will continue to render assistance to them as best we can.”

“We apologise to affected commuters and road users for the inconvenience caused. Meanwhile, we are assisting the police with their investigations and the bus captain has been suspended pending findings.”

Source: Stomp


Bus Suddenly Runs Red Light, Crashing into and Dragging 4 Motorcycles - World Of Buzz

Source: Stomp

Anyone with information or dash cam footage of the accident are highly encouraged to inform the police immediately.

For all motorists out there, please always be alert of your surroundings. Sometimes, we may be extremely safe and careful but others aren’t. So, we must be alert to avoid horrible accidents like this.


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