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Broke Malaysian Student Shares How a Mixed Rice Vendor Offered to Buy Her Lunch



Broke Malaysian Student Shares How Indonesian Rice Vendor Offers to Pay for Her Lunch - World Of Buzz
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Admittedly, being broke is one of the biggest problems we had when studying in university. The few days before our monthly allowance comes in are the longest days of our lives and we had to rely on instant noodles until the money comes in. #Grassmode

Recently, a varsity student known as Relina Redwan shared her experience on Twitter and it instantly went viral with over 20k retweets.

Here’s what she wrote:

“I went to Cafe Piyyah with only RM5, because that was all I had.”

Looking at the mixed rice, she asked the seller, who was an Indonesian woman, ‘Is RM5 enough to pay if I only take rice and chicken?’

Hearing that, the Indonesian aunty replied, “You can take vegetables, ulam, chicken or whatever you want, I’ll pay for it later. The most important thing is that you get to eat and don’t starve yourself.”

Seeing Relina’s hand holding some lecture notes, the aunty continued saying, “Are you having an exam in the afternoon? You should eat more, so that you can answer the questions later.” What a lovely aunty! 

Relina was touched by the kind-hearted aunty’s gesture.

“While I was taking the food, the aunty approached me to offer more food. The aunty was so kind-hearted and I wanted to cry so badly!”

After Relina paid for the food, the aunty said, “Study hard so that you’ll have a brighter future and won’t end up like me. You should eat properly, take care of your health and answer the questions properly.”

This is certainly a heartwarming moment that most netizens can relate to.

“I used to be like her when I was in university. I’d take part in various programmes in university just to get their free lunchbox,” a netizen said.

“A million thanks to the aunty. I totally understand what she went through as I was very much like her back in the days,” another netizen commented.

Faith in humanity is restored once again.

Here’s the original words by Relina.

Source: Twitter

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