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BREAKING: No More Science & Arts Streams For Form 4 Students Starting 2020



BREAKING: No More Science & Arts Stream For Form 4 Students In 2020, Replaced With - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: FMT / NST
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About a month ago, we reported that there will no longer be a science and/or arts streams for Form Four students. In replacement of the system, students will get to choose subjects that they want to learn. Seems like a great initiative!

Malaysian Deputy Minister of Education, Teo Nie Ching said that the school counsellor will play a significant role in helping the students figure out the classes which are apt for them.

Well, it looks like this is all coming true now because NST just reported that there will no longer be arts/science streams for Form Four students starting 2020. Rejoice, fellow students! 

The streams will be replaced with relevant subjects and electives, according to Teo. This time the announcement is for real because a letter about the changes had been distributed to secondary schools all over Malaysia. Arts/science streams will be substituted with STREAM (Science, Technology, Reading, Arts & Music) education.

Source: FMT

Teo was quoted as saying,

“The letter/circular contains advice to schools across the country on how to encourage, evaluate and explain about the new subjects available from next year (2020).”

“This (the abolition of arts and science for Form 4 students) needs to be done according to the capabilities, availability, suitability (facilities/infrastructure), as well as considerations of each school.”

Source: Anegun

This is not a drill, guys, it’s finally happening! What are your thoughts on the abolition of arts/science streams next year? Let us know in the comments. 


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