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Beware of Sex Cam Scams in Malaysia



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Malaysian men should take precaution when being approached to conduct explicit acts on webcam. One instance involved a student, Jay, where he was added as a friend on Facebook by a female by the name of Jonalyn Wong. They quickly engaged in a flirty conversation.

She persuaded him to add her on Skype and resumed the conversation casually. After awhile, she would complain that she was bored and would persuade the victim into stripping off their clothes. The victims easily fall for the scam as the female would bare her skin and perform sexual acts to seduce them.

sex cam2

After the sexual acts, scammers will tell them that the whole thing was recorded and if they don’t pay up, the video will be released on the internet. The student got blackmailed for about RM1200.

Below are the screenshots Jay’s friend took when Jonalyn tried to strike again.




In 2014, over 200 Malaysian men got persuaded into stripping and appearing nude on webcam. It was reported that the blackmail money accumulates to about RM100,000 in total.

Conclusion, easiest way to avoid such trouble is to keep it in your pants.

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