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Beware: M’sian Photoshops Face Onto Real Doctor’s Photos to Do Online Love Scams



Man Stole an Indonesian Doctor's Photos and - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Aryana Ren Facebook
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A man had been exposed in a Facebook post by Aryana Ren, and what this scammer did was pretending to be a Medical Officer at Hospital Raja Permaisuri Bainun, Ipoh. Through his online scams, in order to “prove” that he works as a doctor, he stole photos from another legitimate doctor and edited his face into those pics.

Take a look for yourselves (The photos on the left belong to the original Dr Rudiman, the ones on the right were edited by the scammer):

Sorry to say this lah, it seems like he needed to brush up his Photoshop skills.

Named as Aizat Hamdan, he conducted love scams online by manipulating ladies into believing that he is a practising OBGYN at the aforementioned hospital. Having over 7,000 followers on Facebook, Aizat also managed to borrow money from his victims. According to the Aryana, the scammer does not have any records on the Malaysia Medical Council website. (It means he’s not a registered doctor.)

After tricking ladies into believing that he’s a real surgeon, Aizat went on with his love scam.

In these screenshots, Aizat could be seen flirting with the ladies, even though he was being rejected by them!

The legitimate doctor who’s had his photos stolen was actually a well-known laparoscopic surgeon from Indonesia, Dr Rudiman. After finding out about Aizat Hamdan, Aryana and her medical team lodged a police report against this person. Other than making a police report, Aryana’s team is contacting and cooperating with Dr Rudiman personally to solve this issue.

Although these edited photos look funny to us, some ladies did fall into his trap and lost money in the process.

If you did encounter this scammer, please do not hesitate to report to Aryana here as they are collecting evidence.

We know this advice is overused, but we still gotta let y’all know: Please be careful with the people you know online.

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Man Stole an Indonesian Doctor's Photos and - WORLD OF BUZZ 1

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