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Beware: Girl Almost Got Car Stolen AND Kidnapped at Aeon Shah Alam



Criminals Not Only Hell-bent On Stealing Cars, But Also Kidnap In Shah Alam - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Motortrader & Azyyatiliah
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Car parks today have become the site of many crimes. And one of the most common is obviously car theft.

Taking to Twitter, a netizen stepped forward and shared her horrific tale of not only becoming a car theft victim but also kidnapping victim!

In her tweet, she wrote, “Girls, be careful and avoid going out alone. It’s dangerous! My friend went on a date with her boyfriend and almost became a victim. How scary!”

Source: Twitter

First featured in Lobak Merah, the incident which took place at the parking lot of Aeon Shah Alam Seksyen 13, told the story of a woman and her partner going out for dinner when horror ensued.

The netizen began sharing her friend’s story by talking about a white Myvi she noticed at the parking lot of the mall.

Source: Twitter

As she and her boyfriend were about to enter the car, the Myvi shifted and parked right beside their vehicle. An Indian man stepped out of the vehicle and signalled his Pakistani friend who was inside the car to do the same.

The girl, sensing trouble thought of screaming for help,

“I allowed my boyfriend to enter our car first, keeping in mind that I can always scream at any sign of trouble. As my boyfriend entered our car, they immediately stepped out of their cars. Not being able to lock our doors in time, both males entered our vehicles from the back seat.”

Her friend’s head was then slammed onto the handbrake in an effort to beat her unconscious.

“I kept shouting with the hope that someone would hear me, but he kept beating my ear for me to shut up. As he attempted to shut me up, I took the opportunity to bite his hand.”

She added that the suspect’s accomplice tried to beat her boyfriend unconscious using the handle of a knife but failed.

Source: Twitter

“As my boyfriend stepped out of the vehicle, he was charged by another man who attempted to punch him.”

As the tussle continued outside of the vehicle, a man came to the couple’s rescue.

During the commotion, the girl took the opportunity to inflict her own brand of pain, by delivering a low blow, but to no avail.

Realizing that their plan wasn’t going to succeed, all three suspects fled the scene of the crime, almost taking out the couple in the process.

When others came to the aid of the couple, the suspects were nowhere to be seen.

Source: Twitter

“I pray that the suspects are apprehended because I want justice. I don’t want this to happen to anyone else.”

As a result of the incident, the netizen’s friend suffered injuries to her ear and is currently seeking medical treatment.

Source: Twitter

In the end, she wrote, “For those in the Shah Alam, Subang or Selangor area, be on the lookout for a white Myvi, plate number WSH 6131. Please notify us if you see it.”

According to the police, the suspect was not only interested in stealing the vehicle but also in turning the victims to hostages.

We urge everyone out there to be extra vigilant especially in empty parking lots. Please be careful ok!

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