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Beer Promoter Revealed to Be SPM Top Scorer, Netizens Urge Carlsberg to Give Her Scholarship



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Following the beer promoter issue at a Giant hypermarket in Ampang Point, a Facebook page called Malaysian Talk had revealed that the girl who was berated by Edi Rejang is actually a top scorer in the SPM examination.

Source: Facebook

This news was picked up by local news portals and it was stated that the girl had even scored an A for her Bahasa Melayu subject, which left netizens wondering what Edi Rejang had scored for his BM paper in SPM.

Some cheeky netizens even urged Carlsberg Malaysia to grant her a scholarship since she has displayed excellent EQ and maturity in handling this situation.

Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook

Her calm and professional demeanour in resolving the situation and preventing it from escalating has also earned herself a job offer from a car dealer in Singapore.

Source: Facebook

Responding to this incident, Carlsberg Malaysia has issued a statement saying that the promoter was merely conducting sampling activities to non-Muslim consumers in the non-halal area of the hypermarket.

“The harassment she experienced is unacceptable. We are very proud of how she handled the difficult situation and immediately offered support to her when she reported the incident,” Carlsberg said. 

Since the man has already apologised, the girl wishes to put this incident behind and move on with her life. She has also decided not to further pursue this matter.

We have no doubt that she will make it in life one day and hopefully, Carlsberg or any other companies can offer her a scholarship. Good luck, girl!


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