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Beautiful Nurse in Thailand Cause Netizens to Suddenly ‘Fall Sick’ and Request to be Warded



Beautiful Nurse Makes Netizens Suddenly Fall Sick and Request to be Warded - World Of Buzz
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Recently, many Thai netizens especially the men suddenly ‘fell sick’ (or perhaps in love) and requested to be warded for as long as possible. But not just any hospital, it has to be the one where this beautiful nurse is working at.

According to Next Mag, The pretty nurse that has gotten them sick is Pimchanok Chumpuchai and she was born in Muang Nan, Thailand.

Nope, she’s not taking part in a cosplay competition and yeap, she is a legit nurse who’s working in a hospital guys. 

In fact, she had graduated from Christian University of Thailand. Congratz!

As expected, she has over 27.3k followers on her Instagram and a jaw-dropping 395k followers on her Facebook. Many netizens have since suffered from ‘broken bones’ as they fell for her beauty.

After her pictures went viral on social media, many netizens suddenly discovered themselves to be chronically ill and needed medical attention in the hospital.

“I noticed there are some pimples on my face and I think a surgery is needed to remove them. Do you know which hospital she’s working at?” a cheeky netizen said.

“I’m willing to break my leg just to be admitted in the hospital so that she can take care of me,” another netizen commented.

Unfortunately, the hospital she’s currently working at is still a mystery. Maybe it’s best to keep it that way!

I guess the doctors can take care of the patient’s physical injuries while Pim can heal their heart and soul.


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