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Banglas Dating Malay Ladies Are Causing Public Outrage in Malaysia



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A recent post by Rotimayonis has caused quite the controversial stir when the writer has expressed the issues of Malaysia being overcrowded with Banglas.

He mentions that over 1.5 million Bangladeshis were proposed to be brought into the country and it’s expected that there would be several effects to the Malaysian community.

However, one particular issue that he highlighted was the culture of dating.

Some shocking images revealed that these Bangladeshis dating Malay ladies and some actions were just inappropriate.

Not hating. I’m all for international love. But the actions shown in these pictures are a big no no.

Image source: rotimayonis

Malaysian netizens were pretty shocked to see these images and raised their concern on the ever increasing immigrants.

Some criticized their indecent photos. One wrote: “Those ladies who behaved indecently should remember where their faith lies. They should take care of their maruah. Allowing these inappropriate gestures are a shameful act and I hope they learn the correct way in the future.”

A few others commented hoping that these girls were Indonesian instead of Malaysians.

So what do you think about this issue?


H/T: rotimayonis

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