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Babysitter Allegedly Gives Toddler Beer To Drink So That She Falls Asleep Faster



Source: Facebook
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Listen to this post:

This is just outrageous! 

A horrific video of an Indonesian woman went viral after she was seen allegedly giving a toddler beer to drink from a can. Coconuts reported that the woman, who looks like she is in her 20s, was seen holding a beer can and feeding the alcoholic beverage to the toddler before drinking some herself. 

In the video, the caretaker can be heard saying,

“Everyone else gives [toddlers] milk, [but] I’m giving [her] beer instead.”

Note: The quote above has been translated from Sundanese as it’s the language spoken by the lady in the video. 

Further, in the video, it can be seen that after the lady fed the toddler the alcoholic beverage, the kid reached out and drank from the can again after the babysitter put her down. Oh dear! 

Source: Tribun Batam

According to the report, the beer that the babysitter and the child drank in the video was a local brand of beer called Bintang. Having said that, it’s impossible to know if the can actually contained beer, but the mother of the child is very sure that her toddler was given beer to drink. 

The mother even posted the video on her Facebook page because she wanted to shame the babysitter as she was very angry at her. However, at the time of writing, the video has already been taken down from her Facebook page.

Nevertheless, it shared by another Facebook page named Kadang Kepo and you can watch the video below:

VIRAL Anak kecil di kasih BIR 🤦Dalam akun facebook ineu ftr Anak kecil tersebut adalah anak ineu ftr di duga di kasih BIR ketika anak itu di titipkan kepada temannya

Posted by Kadang kepo on Saturday, May 11, 2019

Source: Facebook

On that note, we don’t know for sure if the mother has lodged a police report against the girl, who is, apparently, a friend of the mother from the boarding house (ko-kosan) which they stay at

Hopefully, a report will be lodged against the lady for child abuse, and if she is found guilty of committing the crime, we hope that the authorities will give an appropriate punishment.


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