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Baby’s Head Shockingly Decapitated After Doctor Pulls Too Hard During Delivery



Baby's Head Decap - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Daily Mail
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We can only imagine the sorrow and pain that this woman is going through right now.

On 25 December, a mother named Reina Natalia lost her first ever baby in the delivery room when the doctor pulled too hard and decapitated the baby’s head. This horrifying tragedy happened in Tartagal, Argentina.

According to The Sun, the 30-year-old mother was 22 weeks into pregnancy when she went into early labour last Monday. She was taken to the Juan Domingo Peron hospital by an ambulance.

Source: Daily Mail

After an examination, a team of doctors decided that the baby boy could be delivered naturally due to his small size, even though Reina had asked for a C-section surgery, which was denied due to the lack of manpower.

“I knew the baby was alive because I had an echo test before I arrived and the heart was beating. And when we arrived at the hospital, they did another echo test and my husband heard the baby’s heart beating.”

“When my water broke, doctor Susan Gonzaga took me to the delivery room and started pushing my stomach and stretching the baby even though I wasn’t feeling pre-birth pain,” Reina said.

According to the mother, the doctors were brutal in delivering the baby. In fact, she said, “I felt that. They were doing it very hard, it was very painful.”

Source: Daily Mail

Despite telling the doctor that she was being hurt, the doctor paid no attention to her plea.

“She asked me to shut up and open my legs, and (they) kept stretching the baby until they took the baby out. I could only see the legs, then they said, ‘let’s take her urgently to the operating theatre’.”

That was when Reina was informed that her first-born baby’s head had separated from the body and it was still inside of her. There was no further explanation provided to her.

Her husband, Valazquez was shocked to see a medical personnel holding a headless body after coming back from buying diapers.

Source: Daily Mail

Responding to the tragedy, the hospital director Jose Fernandez said the doctor didn’t go with the C-section because Reina was already dilated to 11cm.

“The baby was still in a breech position, so the body came out first. When it got to the head, there was a spasm at the cervix which compressed the baby’s neck.”

“The obstetrician called another doctor in who tried to free (the baby) with a manoeuvre,” Jose said.

In the process, a tear had occurred, followed by a detachment, which decapitated the baby’s head. The doctors planned to remove the head through a C-section, but Reina managed to eject the head, together with the baby’s placenta later.

The baby, which weighed 700 grams, was later handed over to the couple in a white box. They heartbreakingly took a taxi home with the box in their hands.

An investigation is underway to find out the baby’s cause of death while the doctors involved will continue to work as usual pending investigation.

“Officially, there is nothing yet that proves that the baby’s death was caused by the decapitation. There’s no reason for them to be suspended,” the hospital director said.

We hope the authorities investigate this case thoroughly because the parents deserve an explanation for what had happened in the delivery room. RIP, baby.


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