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Apple, Xiaomi & OnePlus Among Top 16 Smartphone Models That Emit The Most Radiation



German Organisation Lists The 10 Phone Models That Emit The Most Radiation - WORLD OF BUZZ 1
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While we do know that relying too much on our smartphones is never the best thing to do for our mental health, it could also prove harmful as we can be exposed to more radiation than expected.

The German Federal Office for Radiation Protection has compiled a database of smartphones based on their Specific Absorption Rates (SAR) value. SAR is defined as the rate of radiofrequency energy being absorbed by the head or body when using a mobile phone. Some smartphones have higher SAR values than others, and the higher the SAR value, the more radiation is absorbed by the body.

According to the United States Federal Communications Commission (FCC), health effects could occur if radiofrequency exposure standards are not met.

The phones with the highest SAR values in the German agency’s database were ranked in a recent report by international statistics portal, Statista, and the top 16 phones that emit the most radiation are;

This Report Found 10 Phones That Emit The Most Radiation - WORLD OF BUZZ

Source: Statista

Xiaomi and OnePlus phones have each appeared four times, making up half of this list of phones with the highest SAR values.

According to the United States FCC, the limit for public exposure from mobile phones is a SAR level of 1.6 watts per kg. However, the German certification for environmental friendliness ‘Der Blaue Engel’ (Blue Angel) certifies phones that have a SAR value of less than 0.60 watts per kg, according to Statista.

The German Federal Office for Radiation Protection also provided the following tips to lower individual exposure to phone radiation;

  • Make calls using a headset (for both smartphones and regular phones).
  • If possible, surf the web and access e-mails only when there is good reception or Wi-Fi.
  • Access e-mails manually only when necessary.
  • Avoid receiving e-mails during a telephone call. Switch off background data traffic to keep your personal radiation exposure low.
  • If you carry your smartphone on your body, observe the minimum isolation distance given by the manufacturer. Use the carrying accessories supplied with it.
  • When surfing the internet with your tablet or smartphone, take care to keep it at a sufficient distance from your body. Exposure to high-frequency fields is reduced significantly with increasing distance.
  • Find the lowest possible SAR value when purchasing your device.

Meanwhile, here are the phones that emit the least amount of radiation;

This Report Found 10 Phones That Emit The Most Radiation - WORLD OF BUZZ 1

Source: Statista

Check out the entire database of smartphone models’ SAR values here

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