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Anwar Will NOT Become PM Immediately Upon Release, Says DPM Dr Wan Azizah



Source: The Malaysian Insight
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Hold your horses, guys! Anwar Ibrahim cannot become prime minister, yet.

Just like Tun M have repeatedly said in several press conferences, after getting a full pardon from the Agong, Anwar would still have to run for election (by-election) to get a seat in the parliament and only after that, he can run to become prime minister.

Source: FMT

This statement was backed up recently by Deputy Prime Minister Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, who is also Anwar Ibrahim’s wife, as she agrees that he will not immediately take over the office after his release, reported FMT.

Source: FMT

“We have discussed this together and we hope that under Dr Mahathir everything will be dealt with smoothly,” she said to the press at the Cheras Rehabilitation Hospital, where Anwar is admitted.

Dr Wan Azizah said this after a statement by Daim Zainuddin, the member of the Council of Elders, who said it would be “foolish” for Anwar to become prime minister immediately after his release.

FYI, Anwar, 70, is set to be released today (16 May) after he was sentenced to five years in jail “over a sodomy charge that he said was politically moved”.

Following the statement, Tun M had also told The Wall Street Journal yesterday (15 May 2018) that it would take at least “one or two years” for Anwar to take over his place as Malaysia’s prime minister.

Besides that, PKR political bureau member, R Sivarasa, had also agreed that Anwar will not be appointed prime minister immediately.

Sources: The Star

“That is not something Anwar has demanded.”

“This matter is up for discussion but Anwar has never demanded to be prime minister immediately,” he told FMT.

Well, it looks like we won’t be seeing Anwar become the prime minister right after his release!

Of course, the transfer of power will definitely take some time, especially when it involves the post of a prime minister, so be patient guys! After all, Tun M did previously say that he won’t be serving as PM for too long either.


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