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Angry Woman Insults Husband’s Mistress by Showering Her With Loads of Cash



Angry Woman Insults Husband's Mistress by Showering Her With Loads of Cash - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Facebook
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Recently, we read about the hilarious but outrageous action taken by a woman when she decided to put her cheater husband up for sale as ‘used item’ on Carousell. Likewise, another woman in Indonesia has punished her husband’s mistress after finding out about their affair… but in a less conventional way – by showering her with heaps of cash!

The woman, who goes by the name Bu Dendy on social media, found out that her husband had been cheating on her with her friend, reported Coconuts. We guess that friend broke the girl code “Sistas before mistas”.

Thus, in a confrontation between both the ladies, Bu Dendy proceeded to insult her friend whilst showering notes of IDR100k (RM28) and IDR50k (RM14) on her. The amount of total cash thrown at the husband’s mistress was not reported.

The whole incident was even recorded and uploaded onto the internet. You can watch it here:

Source: Youtube 

The video showed Bu Dendy confronting her friend for allegedly stealing her husband. She had also accused the lady of seducing her husband for the sake of money.

“You only want my husband’s money! Eat all this! You can buy a house! Here’s the money! How much is your dignity worth?” she said.

Wow, she was really angry. 

Of course, an incident which sounds like something we’d see in soap operas will definitely garner a lot of attention from netizens. As the video became viral, naturally, netizens got creative and soon enough, memes and tweets started flooding in.

One Twitter user shared this picture with the caption “Bu Dendy as a kid“.

Angry Woman Showers Cash Over Husband's Mistress - WORLD OF BUZZ

Source: Twitter

Another Twitter user hilariously listed the most favourable jobs in 2018 with “Stealing Bu Dendy’s Husband” as one of the jobs after online entrepreneur and YouTuber.

Angry Woman Showers Cash Over Husband's Mistress - WORLD OF BUZZ 1

Source: Twitter

Meanwhile, a user joked that if you have any financial issues, then you should start a beef with Bu Dendy. Doesn’t sound too bad of an idea! 

Angry Woman Showers Cash Over Husband's Mistress - WORLD OF BUZZ 2

Source: Twitter

However, the women’s rights activists are concerned that the popularity of the video will further normalise the patriarchal double standards in Indonesia whereby women tend to take the blame for infidelity. E.g. In the video, only Bu Dendy husband’s mistress was being insulted and blamed, but not her husband, who was also involved in the infidelity. So, they’re concerned that this will feed the idea of how it is always the woman’s fault and never the man’s.

“It’s his behaviour that is inappropriate, that of [her husband] finding another woman, but [Bu Dendy] defended her husband to death. Who is she actually attacking? The victim. This is what must be recognised so women don’t fall into a trap. [Bu Dendy] could even become a suspect if the case is processed by the law,” said Budi Wahyuni, commissioner for the National Commission on Violence Against Women (Komnas Perempuan).

Well, Budi Wahyuni has her point, they both were involved in the affair and they both should equally take the blame, not just the woman.

What do you think of Bu Dendy’s actions?


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