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Angry Guy Grabs Parang From Car Boot After Being Honked at, Stuns Netizens



Malaysian Man Reaches for Parang From His Car Boot After Being Honked for 45 seconds - World Of Buzz
Source: Facebook
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Yesterday, yet another road rage incident went viral on Facebook.

In the three-minute video, it appears that the exit of a building was being blocked by several cars. It is unclear how long the driver behind had been waiting before he started honking. Soon enough, other cars joined in to honk as well.

Source: Facebook

Then, a person emerged from behind and got into the Perodua Alza that was blocking the lane. That’s not a waiting zone btw…

Also, apparently honking is addictive as it lasted for a good 45 seconds! Yes, I actually counted. 

The driver in front who was blocking the lane got agitated by this and got out of his car to face the father-of-all-honks, which is the person recording the video. Judging from the driver’s gesture, it seems like he was trying to explain why he wouldn’t move the car.

Source: Facebook

But the man behind the wheel wasn’t in the mood for any explanation, so 10 seconds later, he honked again. Chill bro, go easy on the honking. 

The agitated driver then took a parang out of his car boot. I don’t think the parang comes as standard accessory for Perodua Alza. 

Source: Facebook

However, it was probably just for show since he didn’t charge all the way towards the man who honked relentlessly. The incident only resolved after another man emerged from the Proton Iswara beside to intervene. Seconds later, another woman walked by and got into the Iswara. Now we know why both lanes were blocked. 

After the video went viral, netizens were shocked to see a civilian carrying a parang at the back of the car. “What is the parang doing in his car? He’s going to get into trouble in a police roadblock,” a netizen said.

Some reckoned that both parties were at fault. “I know you’re waiting for someone, but that’s not the best waiting zone. And the brother should’ve gone easy on the honk, it’s really rude and irritating,” another netizen commented.

Take a chill pill before you hit the road guys! 

Here’s the video of the incident, noise pollution and all. PS: You might want to lower your volume before clicking play.


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