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Angry Couple Mercilessly Murdered Their Elderly Neighbour Because They Owed Her RM61



Angry Couple Mercilessly Murdered Their Elderly Neighbour Because They Owed Her RM61 - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Harian Metro and Shutterstock
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Having good neighbours is important because it makes our life in a neighbourhood safer and fun. Close relationships with your neighbours can bring about many mutual benefits. With a friendly neighbour, you can always ask them to have an extra lookout on your house if you are out of town. Sometimes, neighbours are also known to help each other out by sharing groceries, if you run out of any. 

However, not all neighbours are friendly and have the best of intentions. Recently, a married couple was charged with the murder of their own neighbour in Desa Petala Bumi, Indonesia. This young couple, who’re still in their late teens, was caught after their neighbour was found dead in her own house.

According to an article published by Harian Metro, Cicih’s death was reported by other neighbours when her body was found in her own house at 9.30am. The police initially suspected the young couple next door because they owed Cicih a sum of 200,000 rupiah (RM61). Upon further probing, the couple admitted that they had killed Cicih because she had asked them to return her money.

Forensics report further uncovers that Cicih experienced a hard blow to her head, resulting in a fracture on her skull. She sustained injuries on the front and back of her skull. On the scene of the incident, authorities had also found bruises on the victim’s forehead, and her right ear was bleeding due to the heavy hit that she took. 

“The suspect admits that he had bashed her (Cicih) head against the wall, and that is what caused the fracture on the elderly woman’s head,” said the Public Relations Department of Indragiri Hulu Misran Police Station.

The body was then brought in for post-mortem for further investigation. A post-mortem report reveals that the victim was hit repeatedly by a blunt object and it caused her skull to break. Due to the broken skull, she also experienced bleeding. 

“The suspect admits to anger and frustration when the elderly woman had asked for her 200,000 Rupiah (RM61) back,” said the Public Relations Department. Anger had driven the couple to the extent of murder. 

The suspects are currently detained in Siberida Police Station. 

We extend our deepest condolences to the family of the deceased and we hope that justice will be served.


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Source: Harian Metro
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