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“Angkat Sendiri Lah!” – M’sian Lady Shares How Ground Staff in MAS Rudely Vandalised Her Luggage



Ground Staff In Malaysia Airlines Are To Be Punished Over "Vandalism" Of Customer's Belongings - WORLD OF BUZZ
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On Wednesday, a netizen that goes by the name Rose Kuruvilla filed a complaint to the national carrier on the actions of their ground staff in KLIA and took it to Facebook to complain in detail about what had transpired when she was on her way to catch her flight to Sydney.

She shares how her, her husband, and her 11-month old baby were supposed to fly business class from KL to Sydney on Malaysia Airlines. At the check-in counter, their bag was loaded onto the conveyor belt despite being untagged! When the baggage handler realised it, he chased after their bags but it was already too late as it had already gone down the chute.

“The staffs and supervisors tried their best to call everyone from the baggage team to locate the bag, but to no avail,” Kuruvilla wrote on her Facebook.

She added in her Facebook post that they were told by the staff at Malaysian Airlines not to worry and to just board the flight as the baggage will end up on their flight either way. However, she decided against the suggestion as the bags were untagged and hand no name on them.

“Their responses were plain unprofessional, rude and clear that they wanted us to leave so that it would be someone else’s problem to sort out. There was no apology, no solution,” she said.

According to her, the airline eventually found the family’s baggage after an hour, causing them to miss the flight. After returning it, they put the family on the next available flight 12 hours later. However, what was discovered later on by Kuruvilla was beyond unacceptable and prompted her to not only file a complaint but also make a statement on social media.

Kuruvilla mentioned that she has always had the label ‘THIS IS NOT YOUR BAG’ pasted onto her bag as it is to avoid others from mistakenly taking her bag.

MAS-VandalPicture from Rose Kuruvilla Facebook

However, on top of making a mistake and not apologising for it, Kuruvilla was very upset when she found her bag vandalised with insulting remarks, referring to the line “SO? ANGKAT SENDIRI LAH!!” written just below her note that’s pasted on her bag’s label.

The words, which translates to “SO? JUST CARRY IT YOURSELF!!” finally convinced Kuruvilla to share her unpleasant experience with the ground staff in KLIA to social media.

“Mistakes happen but after having my property vandalised, I feel that it is only right to share this experience with all my friends,” she said on Facebook.

Malaysia Airlines told news portals that they’ve carried out an internal investigation and that stern action had been taken against the staff responsible.

“We regret the unfortunate experience that Ms Kuruvilla and her family faced with our ground services. Malaysia Airlines takes this incident very seriously and we apologise to Ms Kuruvilla for the unacceptable behaviour of our staff. We always endeavour to provide the best service to our guests,” the airline was quoted as saying.

Well, hopefully no customer has to go through this hassle in the future lah!


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