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American Boy Sends Gift Box to Girl in Philippines, Marries Her 15 Years Later



American Boy Sends Box to Girl in the Philippines, Marries Her 15 Years Later - World Of Buzz
Source: Faithit and YouTube
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One of the many wonderful things about Christmas is remembering the less fortunate and what they don’t have. While receiving presents is what most people look forward to during the festive season, the act of giving actually feels more rewarding.

Source: People

Safe to say, America is probably the country that celebrates Christmas the most. They even have this wonderful evangelical Christian humanitarian aid organisation called the Samaritan’s Purse that helps the needy.

For one of their initiatives, the Operation Christmas Child, a kid from America would send a ‘shoe box’ filled with gifts to a less fortunate child in another country.

The gifts could be anything ranging from toys to stationery or even basic toiletries. The sender would also include a card and their own photo inside.

This was how Tyrel Wolfe and Joana Marchan’s love story began.

Source: Faithit

Tyrel, from Idaho, had sent a shoe box to Joana in the Philippines about 15 years ago. The wonderful package truly helped the little girl and her family out.

She had sent him a letter to thank him but somehow, the letter never arrived at Wolfe’s home.

Years later, Joana’s family still felt thankful for Tyrel’s little gift, so she did her best and looked for him on Facebook. Lo and behold, she finally found him and sent him a friend request! Oh the wonders of social media! 

However, probably seeing that they had no friends in common and that Joana was from a foreign country, Tyrel did not accept nor reject the request.

Source: People

Months later, he finally decided to accept it but Tyrel was curious to know who this girl from the other side of the world was. He asked her, “how do you know me?”.

That was when Joana told him about how she received his shoe box. To verify if it’s true, Tyrel investigated a little further by asking her,

“So, if you did get my box, what was in it?”

After so many years, and having so many items in the box, Joana just couldn’t remember everything. One thing she did remember clearly though, was his picture. Her description of it was,

“A cute cowboy with a wooden background…”

Source: Faithit

From then onwards, they continued talking to each other on Facebook for about a year and a half until Tyrel finally earned enough money to fly over to Manila.

That was when the couple just knew they were truly in love with each other. Soon, Tyrel went back to the Philippines again and asked Joana’s father for permission to marry his daughter. Aww, what a gentleman…

Source: YouTube

Best of all, he even practised very hard to speak Tagalog so that he could ask his future father-in-law in their native language.

“Can I have permission to marry your daughter, Joana?”

Five months later in October 2016, Joana officially became Mrs Wolfe in Idaho, America. :’)

Watch the couple share their love story here:

Source: Idaho On Your Side

So for this coming Christmas, let us all help the less fortunate because sharing is caring, right? Who knows, we might just meet the love of our life just like Tyrel and Joana! 😀


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