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OMG! You Can NOT Miss This Epic LEGO Themed Event That’s Happening in KL!



Always Wanted to Make Your Own Movie? You Can Do It All & MORE at The LEGO Movie 2 Event! - WORLD OF BUZZ 1

If you haven’t already heard, The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part is out in cinemas nationwide right now and we hope all of you had the chance to check it out because it’s truly awesome!

In conjunction with the movie, LEGO Malaysia is hosting an 11-day consumer event at Mid Valley Megamall which will introduce die-hard LEGO fanatics and movie fans to the six universes from the latest movie. Each of these zones or ‘universes’ is designed to allow visitors to immerse themselves into the LEGO world. Here are a few reasons why you definitely must at least check it out:


1. Showcase your dance moves at Systar System 

Here, LEGO fanatics and children of all ages can have an on-screen dance-off with some of their favourite characters from the movies and more.

So, don’t be shy and dance away!


2. Discover what it’s like to be a voice actor at Harmony Town

[Test] Always Wanted to Make Your Own Movie? You Can Do it All & MORE at this LIT KL Event - WORLD OF BUZZ

This was by far the coolest universe in our opinion! The concept is simple: Pick a scene from the movie and voice over the characters. There are even several props available for you to add sound effects which makes the experience even more awesome.

We tried it for ourselves and needless to say, we were quite gabrah. But hey, we sure had fun making a fool out of ourselves! 😂


3. Be creative and help Emmet escape Alien Jungle

In this universe, LEGO fanatics will be able to build their own spaceship to help the always joyful Emmet escape the mysterious Alien Jungle. There are plenty of LEGO pieces to go around; so don’t be afraid to get creative and show off your building skills!


4. Create your very own LEGO movie at Apocalypseburg

Unleash your creative side by being the directors of your very own movie with the LEGO Movie Maker set!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Download the free LEGO Movie 2 Movie Maker from the App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store.
  2. Set your phone up on the swivelling camera stand from one of three attachment points.
  3. Add sounds and effects to give your movie that extra oomph.
  4. Share it with your friends so that they too may join in the fun!

Also, if you need some inspiration, check out this cute video:

Other stuff you’d wanna check out is:

  • Building your own Duplo invaders. There’ll be a Duplo Monster workshop held on the 23rd of February aimed to lend a helping hand to kids in creating the most unique Duplo invaders imaginable.


  • Taking a selfie with Emmet at Emmet House. Chill by the sofa while taking beautiful Instagram photos!



Also, if you complete all six missions all the different universes represent, you’ll be awarded with an accomplishment certificate from LEGO Malaysia.

What’s more, hardcore LEGO fanatics eagerly waiting for the highly anticipated ‘Welcome to Apocalypseburg’ set (priced at RM1399.90) will be able to catch it in all its glory at the event.

The set features a section of the collapsed Statue of Liberty surrounded by a ruinous city.





The set also comes with 12 new figurines including:

  • Emmet, Lucy, Batman™
  • Scribble Cop, Harley Quinn™
  • Green Lantern™
  • ‘Where are my pants?’ Guy
  • Larry the Barista
  • Chainsaw Dave
  • Mo-Hawk
  • Roxxi and Fuse
  • Plus even a rat figure!

We’ve seen it in person so trust us when we say that it’s truly a 360-degree play experience, making it a challenge even for master builders.


[Test] Always Wanted to Make Your Own Movie? You Can Do it All & MORE at this LIT KL Event - WORLD OF BUZZ 1

To sweeten the deal, LEGO Malaysia is giving out a limited edition Lenticular Emmet Mosaic as a gift with every purchase of the ‘Welcome to Apocalypseburg‘ set. What’s more, there will also be an adorable heart-shaped gift with any purchase of RM179 or more at the event.

Note that these offers are only available at the event in Mid Valley Megamall, so grab them while stocks last!

So, what are you waiting for? Head on down to Mid Valley Megamall from the 13th to 24th February 2019 and immerse yourself in this awesome experience!

Don’t say we bojio ah!